Pinya2: Introduction

It’s been a year since I started working on my first delta printer for food. Lots of stuff has changed since then. So a few months ago I decided to go deep and rework my Pinya printer!


So the first thing to answer is why a second version?

Too big

Most of the stuff that I was printing out with Pinya, was pretty flat. When I build the structure I decided to go big to a height of almost 90cm. That was just useful for using the printer as a side table. But for anything else just was to bulky.

I must admit that thanks too the height I was able to print “colorful” pancakes and swapping the delta printer heads. But nowadays I prefer to keep things simpler and push other ideas forward 🙂

Too loose

Pinya was super shaky. Its true that calibration was never one of my concerns, I still believe extruder food does not need sub mm accuracy (for me). But I like the tank feeling of a proper printer.

Too soft

As far as I can, I want to hit the road with Pinya 2. But the road is hard, its pretty easy to get parts broken in a normal trip.

The only sad part of the new Pinya 2, is having to tear a part Pinya. No matter what Pinya will always be in my heart (and G+ album) thanks to these awesome pictures by Ignasi Piñol.


Money is always an issue. I am trying to balance all the amount of ideas and experiments going on with a short income. For that, I decide avoiding expensive parts.

Time is $€元,  so I tried designing parts that are not long time-consuming prints (specially those that can go wrong easily).

For those reasons is why I decided to build a new printer.

This one!

Here some pictures!

(I should had rotate firsts… I promised i tried! next time i wont be so lazy…)






There is no much more to say, mainly is a new frame that I can hook up to different extrusion system. Actually in the picture you can see part of my “new” air compressed set up.  Soon I will explain you more about it. But first my firsts print tests!

11 thoughts on “Pinya2: Introduction

  1. norbert rovira says:

    Sounds like a good decision. Evolution!

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