Interview : Julian Sing

A new interview @3DigitalCooks, this time with Julian Sing. I was really happy to discover his work. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to his site ( to enjoy his updates! Thanks Julian for accepting this interview.
Fig 1. Sugar print by Julian Sing @3dChef

1. Could you please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Julian Sing, Founder of
2. How did you get involved into 3d food printing?
This is something that was a natural progression. For a long time I have been involved in 3d printing professionally, used laser cutters for all sorts of things and do cake decorating as a hobby, 3dchef is a combination of my passions. Before 3d printing of food I was using my laser cutter to cut ,engrave and build things is food, such as laser engraved banana’s or objects fused together from sugar.  3d printing was the next step along that path.
Fig 2. Sugar print by Julian Sing @3dChef
3. What is your printing equipment?
A modified zcorp 3d printer
4. Most challenging part of working with sugar?
Part Strength. Like most powder based 3d printers, my printer will print whatever you like, but getting it out in one piece is the trick.
Fig 3. Sugar print by Julian Sing @3dChef
5. I might be wrong, but you have been experimenting with lasers and binders? what would you consider are the main differences?
Simple, ones and laser and ones a glue 🙂
Apart for the technology they are both very versatile in different ways. Binders can infuse colour, flavor and structure to your printed parts at a high level of detail while the laser approach can be very fast and can draw on object as well as making them too.
With lasers or binders it smells like caramelized sugar the whole day which is good in anyone’s books.
Fig 4. Sugar print by Julian Sing @3dChef
6. Are you looking into other technologies that can help you improve your creations?
Yes, I am constantly refining and developing new ways to create and improve my work. So if you want to stay up to date you better check out my website for time to time.
7. What kind of feedback do you get from people when you show them your work?
It is always really positive. Most people are still blown away that it is even possible and if you were not in 3d printing everyday like me,  it is.
8. Could you share your opinion about the future of 3D food printing?
It has a big future. Many have looked and tried though now the potential  and direction it is becoming clear. Where it be in cake decorating, Smoothfood for the elderly or even applications in bio printing, 3D printing of food sorts is only now at the first few flakes on snow sitting on the top of that infamousness iceberg.

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