3d Printing Food @ BcnDevCon

Last month I was lucky enough that the paper I submitted for the BcnDevCon was accepted. So last Sunday was THE Day. First I would like to thank everybody that in some how help me out to work out such a nice day! Thanks to Ugo from Made Makerspace for taking care of everything, also thanks to  Toni, BcnDevCon co-founder, for easing my logistics.

The day was split into to parts: presentation and demo.

The presentation, slides, was an introduction to 3d printing food, summering a few examples of how food printers are going to be useful in our daily life, challenges and a short review of the state of the art. Overall a great experience. It was interesting/funny having to perform a presentation in English in Barcelona.

Demo time. I must say, is not my favorite, lots of hours waiting. But its always worthy. Finding people that understands your project, and share ideas pay for the what-am-I-doing-here time.

Overall a good experience that hopefully I will try to repeat next year!





2 thoughts on “3d Printing Food @ BcnDevCon

  1. Congrats Luis! This is really cool, and you’re a great spokesman for 3D Printed Food. http://BotBQ.org is going to go live in a couple days, and I talk about you and your work on a few of the pages in there. Keep up the great work you are doing in the space!

  2. Hi Jason! Thanks a lot for your words! your website is already up right? I want to write about it! Actually you are in my list of people to interview… Actually I think i want to try to build a BotBQ, i will let you know how it goes!

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